Mighty Caves and Karst – Nature’s Hidden Gem


From gem to gem, for all photo-hungry cyclists and nature lovers. Indulge in this weekly self-guided cycling tour, blessed with real beauty, unspoilt nature, karst landscapes and their phenomena. During your cycling tour through the Karst, you will stay in two hotels in two beautiful Karst towns, from where interesting day trips will be organised for you. The starting point is Postojna, a pearl in the Karst. Postojna is in many ways characterised by its unique location, which has had an important influence on the development of the town since ancient times. The town lies along the Pivka River and is visited by many tourists every year thanks to its two world-famous sights – Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle. Cycling through the karst area and discovering its wonders, such as the caves, Rakov Škocjan, the intermittent lakes, the sinking rivers, the rocky surface and the valleys, is a unique and special experience. The second location of this scenic cycling tour is Divača. Divača is today the largest settlement and the seat of the municipality. In the 16th century it was just a sheep-farming village, but with the development of transport from the port of Trieste inland, it gained importance, expanded and developed. The importance of the railway is still evident today in the steam locomotive, which is now on display as a museum exhibit at the railway station. Did you know that the Museum of Slovenian Film Actors is also located in Divača?


  • High-altitude cycling holidays in the unique Karst region with its wild landscapes and phenomena
  • Walk through the “Queen of the Caves” Postojna, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in April 2018
  • Don’t miss a visit to the fascinating Predjama Castle
  • Make sure to visit the beautiful UNESCO-listed Škocjan Caves
  • Rakov Škocjan – a picturesque Karst valley
  • Cerknica Lake – one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe
  • Planinsko polje – in the Natura 2000 network as a unique habitat of European importance for many plant and animal species

Or go on a cycling holiday with SloActive (Vremski Britof 15). They offer a wide range of cycling trips in the Karst and Brkina regions, so you can discover the unique Karst landscape and the Brkina region on electric or trekking bikes. You can choose a guided tour to discover the magical Karst and Brkina landscapes, or discover these enchanting places on your own. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy cycling in our beautiful surroundings. Bikes can be delivered to your hotel on request.